The Key Word is “Collaboration”

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People are scared of the word “social” as if they would be scared of plague. When it comes to talking about social business or social enterprises, people try to run away when they recall stereotypes. How do entrepreneurs perceive social initiatives?

One of the many stereotypes about social businesses…

Public Enterprise “European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute”, Public Enterprise “Versli Lietuva” and Kaunas Technology University (KTU) by organizing social business and innovations startup weekend has received great support: 31 partners contributed to the implementation of the idea, including the social business “Bridge for Billions” which was recognized by “Forbes”.

“Often, in social initiatives, the keyword becomes “support”, but in the social business, the keyword is “collaborate”. Social businesses do not need support; they need to have partners that create a value for each other. Today, a part of our society already perceives the value of social business and social initiatives. There were such organizations who only heard a half of the sentence and commented that this is a wonderful initiative. The finished product of social business or social responsibility without engagement of community and long-term continuity is only a marketing campaign.

In this case, when we invited companies and organizations for collaboration of companies, we said, “Let’s create a product that will create products.” Strong partners such as “Transparency International”, KTU, “Versli Lietuva”, “Kauno Grūdai” and many more have contributed to this initiative. Thanks to them, this initiative will become a long-term,” — Simona Simulyte, the initiator of “ChangeMakers’ON”, said. Simona Šimulytė

According to business representatives, such initiatives are a way for the public to move forwards. “Continuous improvement and innovations are pushing forward both us and other businesses.Among them, and those who are just starting their own path, it is meaningful for us to contribute to “ChangeMakers’ON”. The ideas of young people are often substandard, strong and inspiring others.

It is important that social business in Lithuania has every opportunity to develop, expand and carry out its mission. However, we understand that at the moment, such business ideas require more support from already established businesses. Therefore, we want to hear and listen to those ideas that will help to accomplish real changes in the areas where they are most needed,” — Vaida Bartusevičienė, marketing manager of closed design and publishing company “KOPA”, said.

This printing house was one of the first companies to believe in the idea of popularizing social business and innovations.

“One of the key things that can lead to positive social and economic changes is technology which opens opportunities that until now seemed impossible to reach. Such technological innovation could be a printing project KLIK which will closely bring professional press to ordinary consumers at a perfectly affordable price.

The online press enables everyone to remotely access professional offset printing services by ordering a small amount of printing products. We are contributing to this initiative, because in businesses, which seek to solve the relevant problems, we also partially see ourselves — as we have been, we are and we are expecting to be, “ — V. Bartusevičienė says. Vaida Bartusevičienė

“In 2016, at the Lithuanian Press Industry Awards, we were elected as ‘the most innovative printing house’ for innovative technologies and innovative processes in the traditional printing house and ‘knowledge printing house’. Also at the same event we were nominated and awarded in the category ‘Product of the Year’. All these achievements are strongly linked, since in 2016 the biggest investment in innovation was made during the period of the printing industry’s 26 year presence” — V. Bartusevičienė states. Although even earlier, the printing house has been recognized by the quality press on the market, but today they can bravely say that this is a progressive high-quality European printing house

The organizers had very clear criteria for looking for partners: it was not enough for an enterprise to innovate — it must be social businesses or socially responsible enterprises. It was important not only what the operating business says, but also what shows its actual actions. “Social responsibility is important, but in search of partners it is also important having the impact of the company’s activity on people, the region and the rest of the environment,” Inga Gurauskienė, the coordinator of sustainable development activities of KTU, stated.

“In 2014, the printing house collaborating with ’ChangeMakers’ON’, was nominated as the “greenest printer” for focusing on organic solutions, using more than one-third of environmentally friendly varnishes and paints, encouraging customers to choose recycled paper for their publications, caring for the environment and use of green energy, applying other environmentally-friendly solutions. In our business, we are guided by the principle: our environment is just like I and you are,” — the marketing manager of the printing house reminds.

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