The importance of social media presence for social entrepreneurs

Nowadays it’s undoubtedly mandatory for any entrepreneur to have a social media presence (not only as a company but also personally) and understand at least the basic principles of online marketing. It aids not only classical businesses — social enterprises can use it just as well, in so many ways.

In no particular order, we find these aspects of digital marketing mighty and important to social businesses:

  1. More visibility = more investment possibilities. Your potential investor could be anyone — and come from very unexpected channels. Or, in social media’s case — an expected one, especially if you’ve analyzed your potential investor profile well and are targeting this group of people via promotions or ads.
  2. Digital presence communicates your brand, attracting potential customers. Users and customers are what make the social goal matter and the business plan successful — one of the crucial catalysts of impact. Social media is a great way to grow your community and interact closely with your customer, gather knowledge on user’s needs and react to them.
  3. Personal branding can help you to establish yourself as a professional and add a personal touch to your brand as a mark of quality. Establishing your own personal quality mark as a professional can help you elevate your business. Introducing yourself adds a feeling of transparency and a “nothing to hide” attitude to your social business, which makes it feel more honest and true.
  4. Social media presence for entrepreneurs can bring valuable partnerships. Social media presence not only helps to build your brand and connect with your customer — it also helps you as a professional to build your network of partnerships — a resource that is endlessly useful, mutually beneficial, and surprisingly valuable.
  5. Employer branding and marketing can help you to easier find specialists and professionals that will help your social mission come true. Let’s be real here — no one is an all-can-do, it’s strong teams that build the innovation. The desired employer never lacks people who simply want to be a part of your goals — and will help to reach them.





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