Social entrepreneurs turned on the impact in Panevėžys: there was born 6 new companies to solve local problems

Last weekend community of social entrepreneurs ChangeMakersON became much more bigger! Almost 100 people turned on impact in Panevėžys: 12 teams developed needful social ideas for their hometown with professional experts’ help.

In the end of three days sprint founder of ChangeMakersON and founder of Asociation of social business in Lithuania Simona Šimulytė announced 6 teams who jumped to the next level — accelerator. These teams were invited to the second phase of the project, where they will further strengthen their businesses and receive a financial basket for additional expert consultations and the necessary equipment. The value of funding is 15 000 EUR.

“With the social business sprint we have launched a large project aimed at promoting the development of social businesses in Lithuania, increasing the number of these businesses in our country by at least a third and inviting to turn on the impact . The sprint that took place this weekend were focused on social business developers in Panevėžys county. There are so many active people who want to create a positive social impact in this area. In total we received 58 team applications and after long discussions with experts we selected the twelve strongest ideas,” says Simona Šimulytė.

During coronavirus pandemic there opened up more social problems and those which existed for a long time before became much more deeper, so this social business sprint is very meaningful. “I have no doubt that the ideas developed in the creative workshops will help to achieve much-needed social change and create a socially responsible society. Although these businesses are established in Panevėžys County, they will undoubtedly contribute to the solution of social problems in whole Lithuania”, says Inga Juozapavičienė, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department of ‘Enterprise Lithuania’.

Twelve teams involved in the social business sprint to develop a variety of ideas to address a wide range of issues in the areas of social exclusion, culture, education, environment and health. Six teams received an invitation to the second phase of the project.

One of thse teams is the bakery ‘Positive’ (liet. kepyklėlė-arbatos salonas) with idea to employ women who have social difficulties in their family.

Another team is developing the idea of a “power box” — (liet. Galių dėžutė) — it is idea to create box for parents who live with disabled children. These boxes will help to find information about health, needful institutions and etc. in one place much easier. The target group is multicipalities which could share these boxes with families for free!

‘The coffee of solidarity’ (liet. Solidarumo kava) whas the idea to solve the problem of unemployment of disabled people. They are ready to become ambasadors of solidarity and create stable social business — cafe where disable people would make coffe and would earn money for themselves.

The team ‘Virtual museum” also won in the social business sprint — they will make various museums and cultural objects in 3D format (liet. Virtualus muziejus). Their idea is to unite as many as possible museums in Lithuania and to create innovative platform of virtual museums.

Another winning idea will contribute to strengthening young people’s entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills. This business will be particularly focused on reducing the social exclusion of young people from the regions, the lack of economic skills, and facilitate their integration into society and the labor market.

And the sixth team is ‘Diagnostic of muscles’ (liet. raumenų diagnostika) with idea to investigate muscles and apply needful treatment for patients.

The team ‘Fairies of Angels’ was given the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, which aims to further develop their business plan with experienced entrepreneurs in a selected European country. This social business provides mobile qualified social and psychological assistance at home to the elderly or the disabled who are unable to take care of themselves, live in dignity and fully. The invitation to participate in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was established by the European Social Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies.

During social business sprint all teams created their new websites! Thanks for this opportunity for Zyro and Hostinger. You could check it very soon here:

Special thanks for jury Violeta Masteikienė and Agnė Tėvelytė Petronienė / Association of Social Business in Lithuania, Rasa Naktinė / ‘Enterprise Lithuania’, Aušvydas Gražinys / ‘ChangeMakersON’ and Simona Šimulytė / ‘ChangeMakersON’ who selected the best ideas.

And of course, we could never do this without our partners “FIBAssociation” and awesome FRIENDS: Reach for Change, KTU & KTU Startup Space, CoffeeLoft, Aconitum, PaySera, Hotel “Romantic”, CUPCUP, Hostinger, Zyro, Panevezys City Art Gallery, “Reklamos Forma”, “FotoFabrikas”, LIthuanian Social Business Association, “Tik PIzza”, and “Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs”.