The most active social business startups of Kaunas region came together to the colorful place of „Kaunas coding School“ where the intermediate stage of „Change4Future“ social business accelerator took place. Not only the startups‘ progress was discussed, but also a lot of experience on how to control your social business was shared.

While giving a lecture on this topic, the expert Darius Samuolis expressed his hopes that the audience heard not only the aspect of „social“ business but also broadened their awareness about the „business“ part in social business. More about the event and the lecture can be found here :

Anyway, how do we control our social businesses? “Change4Future” accelerator experts and “ChangeMakers’ON” founder Simona Šimulytė have shared their experience:

Set up the productive environment encouraging your team to work.

Productive and positive working environment — it is a key aspect of social business, in order to not only keep the merry atmosphere at work but high productivity, creativity and efficiency too.

Build a team of talents.

Feel free to unite the competitive and experienced specialists from related to your business fields. Do not be afraid to invite your like-minded people to become the co-founders or shareholders, surround yourself with the people who would fit your social business idea best.

Share the responsibilities.

A wish to do everything themselves is one of the biggest starting social businesspeople’s mistake. Whatever dreamful was the idea of a man-orchestra, usually this ends in burn out or failed dreams. Relax, share the activities and responsibilities and in a while, you will see, that you are not the only one, who is perfectly able to do the things needed for the efficient development of a social idea.

Create the success strategy

A successful future of a social business strongly depends on the fact, how much open is the founder with his or her team while talking about the success strategy. The stronger, more visible and durable is the strategy, the bigger probability to create not only a nice business idea, but also an ensured and long-lasting working place for you and your partners. Let’s remember — everyone is replaceable…

Help your team to improve.

Cherish the skills and abilities of your team. Take care of their competencies, encourage the development of their new skills. Maybe there don‘t exist perfect teams, but they might always be developed!

Dreaming of your own business, but still missing something? Are you hesitating or worried whether it will succeed or not? Crises and economic downturns are also OPPORTUNITIES — even better opportunities to enter the changing markets with your idea and meet the changing consumer needs. Many successful businesses are being created during such times, both in the world and Lithuania. The participants of the “Change4Future” accelerator have to have been submitted the applications and selected by the committee. However, don’t give up, if you wish to participate — follow the news or come to the nearest “Change4Future” event and take an opportunity to decide about participating in the second social business accelerator stage, which is going to be announced right after the New Year! To find more information, visit the online home page of CHANGE4FUTURE

The team and participants of the social business accelerator are heartily grateful to our friends, without who this project would not proceed so smoothly: “Kas Vyksta Kaune”, “Hostinger”, “Zyro”, “Crozzant”, “Paysera”, “Emotika”, “Startup Lithuania”, “Kauno Startuoliai” and, of course, “ChangeMakers’ON”.



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