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  • Elle Kaplan

    Elle Kaplan

    CEO/Founder of @LexionCapital & CIO of Elle Capital. Self Made Entrepreneur, Financial Expert & Dreamer. Visit http://ow.ly/TiMM30haQcj to learn more.

  • Daihan Zhu

    Daihan Zhu

    Entrepreneur in Residence @UWaterloo, Prev. design @OpenText, @RBC | Building innovative & diverse communities | daihan.ca

  • Phil Hayes-St Clair

    Phil Hayes-St Clair

    Girl dad. Serial Entrepreneur. Educator.

  • Bram Krommenhoek

    Bram Krommenhoek

    Failed founder. I share my "Aha"s and "Oh shit"s. As seen in The Mission, The Startup, uxdesign.cc

  • Derek DeHart

    Derek DeHart

    Tinkerer and Product enthusiast | Social Enterprise geek

  • Tim Rettig

    Tim Rettig

    Author of Struggling Forward: Embrace the Struggle. Achieve Your Dreams https://amzn.to/2JKYFso / Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2DCejTX / Email: rettigtim@gmail.com

  • Dr. Arthur Krebbers

    Dr. Arthur Krebbers

  • Albion


    We’re a creative transformation partner. We’ll work with you to design a new future for your business, and empower your teams to make it happen.

  • Deke Copenhaver

    Deke Copenhaver

    Principal, Copenhaver Consulting LLC, former mayor of Augusta, triathlete, writer & runner focused on transforming great ideas into great actions.

  • Jonathan Courtney

    Jonathan Courtney

    Co-Founder of AJ&Smart, a Digital Product Design agency. Nerdy-looking Irish guy.

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