#EYEsuccess-stories “It’s better to try and fail than die without trying!” — Simonas Dapkus, 25, Lithuania

Simonas Dapkus started the program with the idea of the startup focusing on the minimization of food waste in catering services. During the program, he was lucky to meet other startups and got excited about the idea of a mental gym for emotional balance. As it is also related to sustainability (regarding our mental wellbeing) we found some points of collaboration and joined our forces during the project.

Currently, Simonas is a full-time software engineer and co-owns a mental well-being startup Mindletic. “I’m very excited that the EYE program provided me with this opportunity,” Mindletic, as Simonas presents, is a mental gym for emotional well-being.

Simonas found his inspiration to build a business in his family.

“I think that my parents who are both entrepreneurs inspired and educated me to see an opportunity in every challenge,” he says. “I want to have an opportunity to provide useful and sustainable solutions, as well as change people ‘s lives for good.”

He got to know about EYE from other social entrepreneurs in the local ecosystem.

“I was expecting to get some valuable lessons from my host regarding building a startup and exploring the German market as a potential for expansion. I also wanted to broaden my network and develop my English vocabulary,” speaks of his goals Simonas. “I was a bit nervous as I’m not very confident and I have little international experience but a big passion to build an impact-driven social business,” Simonas claims that despite being quite an introverted person he warmed up his feet very quickly as everyone was encouraging and helpful.

His passion for impact was awarded — Simonas himself claims his host Johaness was very humble, resourceful, and nice to heart. “I’m honored he had time for me to spare,” smiles Simonas. “As we worked together with my mentor for a longer time, I gained self-confidence, teamwork, and time management skills, able to use the new abilities in the most efficient manner.”

Among measurable skills, Simonas was successfully introduced to the strategy building for the early stage of products and the newest technologies used in software products. He also learned to ensure secure and easy authentication. After EYE, Simonas was introduced to Firebase Authentication frameworks for social logins, migrating emails, and password authentication. He and his mentor focused on protecting vulnerable user content and assigning user roles and permissions for secure use of Cloud Firestore where user-generated content is stored.

Simonas got insights into the usage of and were merging data sets from SQL database stored on AWS, a chance to set up a local Metabase server to visualize and better understand the data.

“Besides that, I was also reaching our users with dynamic content. Activities and learnings included but will not be limited to setting up content management through Laravel Nova and automating the assignment of user groups to different content tracks,” shares Simonas. “I successfully learned to remove friction from the acquisition of new user groups, implements and integrate a self-service user group setup flow in WIX pages using AWS Route 53 DNS service.“

Later on, he recalls reaching out to the local startup scene, where he got strong contacts that led to a future partnership with another growing startup, where he became a shareholder.

It’s better to try and fail than die without trying! I’m very happy that I decided to overstep myself and join the program which was challenging but very interesting and useful for my and my startup’s further growth, thank you!” sums up the new entrepreneur!


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