#EYEsuccess-stories “I wish to create an impact-driven workplace for the talent of today” — Ieva Vaitkeviciute, Lithuania

“This program was also beneficial to my dear colleague Ieva Sapalaite and helped us connect with two guys participating, Simas and Domas, both now helping us to build this social business tool,” claims one more member — Ieva Vaitkeviciute — from Mindletic’s team, who went to Germany for #EYE.

Mindletic — is a mental gym for emotional muscle. It promotes a holistic approach for mindful organizations. From breathing exercises to peer support in the community rooms, her team’s goal is to create a global tool for emotional balance.

Ieva Vaitkeviciute

Ieva’s goal is to predict and prevent the emotional imbalance of employees at mindful organizations by training their minds the same way they train their bodies — individually or in a group, together with certified professionals.

Her main aim for participating was to explore the German market as a potential for expansion and building connections in pursue of scaling possibilities for Mindletic.

The entrepreneur claims she was rather nervous about expansion opportunities and restrictions in the German market where she didn’t have a chance to work before and was unsure if the product is strong enough to even try. There was also a lot of confusion about the legal system there, according to Ieva.

“One of the biggest challenges I face daily is setting priorities in everyday activities, defining where to focus next, how much time and energy should be invested in one topic or another,” shares the entrepreneur. “Nonetheless, for a young start-up, bureaucracy together with legal requirements is a huge obstacle that prevents young projects from moving fast and catching opportunities to create innovation within the EU.”

Ieva shares that the program benefitted her a lot by creating an opportunity to explore the German market from various angles. “I’ve improved my language skills, learned to use various tech solutions and grew my network,” she says.

After the exchange, the entrepreneur expanded her team, developed the product further, grew the product’s client base, and was able to reach funding round to further build Mindletic.

“I wish to be an entrepreneur so that I could create social impact, make a change in the mental health field and create a purpose-driven workplace,” claims the woman. “I see Mindletic growing into an international SaaS within the mental health field that covers daily mental health practices of many mindful employers. So that this topic would become a part of the routine, like going to a gym or brushing one’s teeth.”

She spent 5 months in Berlin, learning from her mentor and various entrepreneurs of the ecosystem. Her host Veronika is an owner of an international business and has experience in strategic marketing and communications. Ieva claims she provided valuable input in regards to building business in the EU, and marketing ideas for scaling Ieva’s start-up not only in Germany but also in other countries.

“I would definitely recommend this experience for anyone planning to build a social business,” smiles Ieva. “Nowadays, our business plan is developing daily as we grow together with the freshly occurring customers.”