#EYEsuccess-stories “I came back home 6 months ago and already reached a funding round” — Domas Nutautas, Lithuania

Prior to joining the exchange, Domas Nutautas was an entrepreneur with a goal to minimize waste in catering services. He says he felt he lacked knowledge in marketing and sales. With a hope to gain know-how for his business and self-confidence, he applied for #EYE.

Domas Nutautas

“My goal was to come back home with the confidence of knowing enough to start my business,” claims the new entrepreneur.

He claims his exchange partner helped him in various ways. “My host was very generous, attentive, curious, and patient,” shares Domas. “I learned soft skills like concentration and communication from them. Marketing and the basics of legal requirements in business development as well.”

With newfound confidence, a growing network and the basics of the German language, the entrepreneur claims he learned how to communicate with potential partners and already established a few partnerships for his business.

“I came back home 6 months ago and already reached a funding round,” smiles Domas.

When asked about his social business plan, the entrepreneur admits it changed significantly.

“I would not be able to build my business without this experience. It was great, without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible,” he says.