An Entrepreneur From Ukraine Created His Own Success Story in Lithuania

by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute

A global power system fully based on renewable energy is no longer a long-term vision, but a tangible reality.

Green energy has now become a success story to the whole world. However, Kostia Kutyk, an aspiring entrepreneur from Ukraine says that this country is just at the very beginning in the development of renewable sources of energy. Luckily, Kostia, who is now working on his business growth here in Lithuania, will make a big step into Ukraine’s renewable energy development — this entrepreneur has successfully started a partnership with UAB “Švari Energija” (“Clean Energy”), one of the strongest and most impactful companies in Lithuania!

So now you may ask how an aspiring entrepreneur managed to achieve such goal? Well, you may be surprised how simple the answer is — this happened just because Kostia decided to try himself and become a part of “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurship” project. And we are proud to spread his story of success!

So let’s begin from the very start. Why and when did you decide to participate in “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurship?”

– The reason why I made this decision was that Ukraine is on the start in the development of renewable sources of energy. Despite that, we have “green” tariff from 2009 and after almost 10 years the sun and wind power engineering gains popularity. Therefore, for us, the beginners in this area, it was a great chance to participate in such project and to look on successful and stable European solar business. So, when I heard about such an opportunity from Volodymyr Stepanenko I applied to this project the very next day!

What were your expectations at the very beginning?

– Truly, there were no expectations at the beginning :) I was a hopefulness, honestly, because I have never been in any European country. I didn’t know what is acceptably and what is not? How to communicate with the Host? What I did know exactly that it would be a completely new experience for me. So, I just did it with a big motivation and a hope for the best.

Tell us more about your business. How has it progressed during your Erasmus stay in Lithuania?

– Our business in Ukraine is the installation of solar power stations. At the beginning of our communication with the host UAB “Švari Energija” , I realized that we offer people a very limited range of products. Thanks to the host, I decided to expand my business with such services as geothermal pumps, heat pumps and solar systems for heating water. It is a huge insight for me and a great expansion of my business.

As everyone already know, you officially started a partnership with your host UAB “Švari Energija”. Tell us how it all started? When you decided to start a partnership?

– Yes, we have already discussed our plans and found possibilities that are profitable for both sides. As I remember, we started discuss for a little bit about possible partnership after 2 weeks. When each of us saw how efficiently we can work together, we thought that we could be useful for each other in some ways and our businesses have common points. So we just began to speak more and more, determining our interests and opportunities for growth.

In my opinion, it is a really great partnership. I want to represent some new products from “Svari Energija” in Ukraine with needed studying and technical support from them. And then we will see what future brings us.

“Thanks to the host, I decided to expand my business with such services as geothermal pumps, heat pumps, and solar systems for heating water. It is a huge insight for me and a great expansion for my business.”

– What are your business plans for the future?

– First of all, my plan is to come back to Ukraine. :) Then to start improve all acquired experience and skills. In general, I seek to implement European business standards in Ukraine. We have lot of things to do to in order to gain everything we need for a better future.

What is more, I want to thank European Commission for this project “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” and greate chance for me to bring my business little closer to the European level.

Also I want to thank Volodymyr Stepanenko and “Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support in Zaporizhzhya region” for their work and help with all phases of my approving in this project.

And of course I want to thank the Host Entrepreneur’s Intermediary Organisation — European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute and its director Simona Simulyte for a warm welcome, caring and goodwill. Simona does everything possible to make staying here comfortable, interesting and as efficient and productive as possible. So special thanks to her!

Thank you Kostia and wish you a lot of luck with your business! Go go go for a cleaner future! :)

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