1. The combo of social start-ups and profound education is promising for the ecosystem’s growth.

We’re happy to see social entrepreneurs who also have doctorate degrees! One such example is Rasa Mardosaitė, Ph.D., the founder of TÁBULA rása — one of the winning innovations of last week’s event.

A chemistry doctorate at Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, she is supplying the social start-up ecosystem with her competency!

TÁBULA rása is solving the shortage of digital education tools and tackles the crucial issue of low self-esteem and motivation of the teachers. It is a solution that…

Are you looking for a great idea to create your own business, but you don’t know what to do in order to earn some money while making a difference in our society? Maybe this article can give you a clue on where to start.

Did you know Lithuania ranked as the 32nd most socially advanced country worldwide in 2020, according to the Social Progress Index?

This Index defines the success of our societies measuring 50 social and environmental indicators, in areas from shelter and nutrition to rights and education, in order to create a clearer picture of the capacity of…


The most active social business startups of Kaunas region came together to the colorful place of „Kaunas coding School“ where the intermediate stage of „Change4Future“ social business accelerator took place. Not only the startups‘ progress was discussed, but also a lot of experience on how to control your social business was shared.

While giving a lecture on this topic, the expert Darius Samuolis expressed his hopes that the audience heard not only the aspect of „social“ business but also broadened their awareness about the „business“ part in social business. …

Hey Changemakers, how is it going?

In our last “The ABC of” series you already learned the most important terms and concepts of social innovation. If you haven’t watched it yet, we encourage you to do so and get all the tips and tops you may need: https://youtu.be/AkfC7sVHapc

And when you‘ve done that, it‘s time to start things up by entering the wondrous world of Social Entrepreneurship. How do you even start climbing a ladder of a social enterprise? Watch the full video here:

Now, there are probably as many definitions as there are entrepreneurs, but the…

Last weekend the social business sprint “Turn the Impact ON” took place in the sunny resort of Palanga, Klaipėda region, where no less than 7 new social businesses emerged victorious and now will continue on creating innovative solutions to important social problems in Lithuania. These businesses also won an invitation to the social business accelerator and 15.000 euros investment for the successful development of their social business.

12 teams were invited to the workshop in the extraordinary outdoors office “3O — Out Of Office” in Palanga. The whole weekend the teams had a possibility to consult with experienced marketing, IT…

Last weekend community of social entrepreneurs ChangeMakersON became much more bigger! Almost 100 people turned on impact in Panevėžys: 12 teams developed needful social ideas for their hometown with professional experts’ help.

In the end of three days sprint founder of ChangeMakersON and founder of Asociation of social business in Lithuania Simona Šimulytė announced 6 teams who jumped to the next level — accelerator. These teams were invited to the second phase of the project, where they will further strengthen their businesses and receive a financial basket for additional expert consultations and the necessary equipment. …

You would think this quarantine would slow us down on working towards a better world — we challenge you to think again!

Any crisis is the best time to start working on your social business idea. A brand new, inspiring business program “Change4Future” powered by ChangeMakers’ON, has already been launched in May and only last weekend over thirty selected teams were offered an opportunity to be consulted individually by experts of different fields in a three-day online hackathon.

Change4Future powered by ChangeMakers’ON

The main goal of “Change4future” is to offer help for change-makers to develop sustainable and commercially viable social businesses. Meanwhile, during “Change4Future”…

The world has been hit by a coronavirus pandemic: during this period more than 200 thousands people were infected in 95 different countries and territories worldwide. Although danger of the virus is already fading away in China, in Europe the pandemic is only gaining momentum. Educational institutions are closing down in many countries and companies are encouraged to use remote access while working.

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania has decided to prevent the virus from spreading as soon as possible: since 16 of March, the country will be in quarantine for two weeks at least.

This decision brought…

This year international Safer internet day was celebrated differently in Lithuania! On February more than 200 pupils, teachers and experts became active creators of safer internet in one day sprint „CYBERteens“. Even 19 teams with some help of experts generated ideas about safety of personal data, cyberbullying and fake news. They were invited to choose one of 6 challenges and suggest innovative solutions. There was also a possibility to watch live streaming in the news website „Kas vyksta Kaune“. More than 12 000 people connected to see what‘s happening in the sprint.

Cyberbullying is the most common issue

The hackathon…

It’s usually to think that social ideas are based the only on volunteering and have no relation to generate any profit. But with good skills of sales, marketing and business development, even non-profit businesses can grow fast and that’s why can bring impact in society much more faster. With these expectations, social innovators and experts from all over the world gathered to the Manor of Babtynas for the international ChangeMakers’ON BoostCamp.

Found important contacts which were needed

According to the main visionair and organizer of this “BoostCamp2019” Simona Šimulytė, this year more than two hundred people contributed to the creation…


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