1. The combo of social start-ups and profound education is promising for the ecosystem’s growth.

We’re happy to see social entrepreneurs who also have doctorate degrees! One such example is Rasa Mardosaitė, Ph.D., the founder of TÁBULA rása — one of the winning innovations of last week’s event.

A chemistry doctorate at Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, she is supplying the social start-up ecosystem with her competency!

TÁBULA rása is solving the shortage of digital education tools and tackles the crucial issue of low self-esteem and motivation of the teachers. It is a solution that focuses on and aims to help the local educator community. In form of a unique digital content sharing platform, it unites fresh, intermediate, and experienced pedagogues to create and share educational content.

“This social business is dedicated to helping Lithuanian teachers. It’s sort of like transporting a fish that’s suffocating in Nemunas’ waters for therapy in the ocean with a Boeing, and getting a slap on the cheek with a fin because the Boeing’s seats are not very comfortable,” claims Rasa.

Brilliantly structured, the platform has over 600 categories and 14 different types of educational tools for pupils from kindergarten to the end of high school — and around 1500 registered users in 3 months already!

2. Experienced entrepreneurs that could themselves be mentors are coming as participants with their innovations!

The second winning team — GAJA Tribe’s Giedrė Bagdonavičienė or Neringa Zmejauskienė could easily take the role of experts in our last week’s event. However, they came as participants with an idea of a virtual, interactive social game that unites people of various competencies, experiences, and social statuses in order to give, share and help each other grow.

The platform is dedicated to the encouragement of true values, development of social competencies and selfless action, acceptance of each other. By enabling the players in good deeds, it helps to see the impact their action creates.

The project helps to:

  • Solve segregation and distance between people due to the recent pandemic situation;
  • Approach social integration issues — by sharing and giving we become parts of communities and expand our social network;
  • Enabling self-esteem — “I can give”, “I have competencies to share”, “I feel needed”.

And brings many other social values to the table.

3. Serious motivation and dedication are crucial — for learning, for growing, and for successfully realizing social innovation.

Some of the participant teams already quit their jobs and are fully focusing their whole time on that one idea, step by step getting closer to facilitating real, substantial social impact.

Most teams don’t make it to the accelerator, but true potential does not go unnoticed — one of such sparks is Monika Drazdauskaitė with OCEAN Design, who will go to ERASMUS apprenticeship to grow and flourish. Her project is carrying a message of ecology, innovation, mindfulness, and freedom.

OCEAN Design is a slow fashion brand of clothes made exclusively from sustainable, recycled, organic materials, produced with eco-friendly processes, ensuring ethical working conditions of the whole production chain.

In addition, the brand emphasis is on mindfulness and encouragement of innermost happiness.

4. International community brings a wider array of market insights, colorful professional experiences, and a variety of cultural wisdom.

Teams from Poland and Romania; experts from Ukraine — Kseniia Chumakova, from Georgia — Tamar Jangulashvili and Fayomi Olusegun Joshua from Nigeria — we’re very happy to be a temporary (or permanent!) home to them. We hosted not only experts but also teams from foreign countries — one of them is CalcuNation, a team from Poland.

Statistically, 2,5% population have different levels of disabilities. In the case of the project’s homeland Poland, which is a market of 1 million people.

“The same way you don’t get to pick your race or gender, you don’t get to chose to be born with a disability or not.” claim the creators. “Our goal is to create a board game that adults with intellectual disabilities could use to develop their soft skills and participate more in our communities and become more independent.”

The product teaches good financial practices such as saving money, responsible spending, or paying bills — the winner of the board game is the most financially independent one.

The creators are focused on player’s experience and their follow-up feedback, staying in touch with their customers — they aim to improve the daily lives of their direct target audience as well as their surroundings.

5. Discovery isn’t only team-oriented — mentors also discover new possibilities, useful network contacts, and long-searched skills in the team members of participants.

Paulius Grigaliūnas (Sweco, Construction Project Management) can tell about it best — among the teams he has freshly discovered a useful research partner for his own project — the already mentioned Rasa Mardosaitė, Ph.D., founder of TÁBULA rása.

As hydrogen gets a lot of attention these days as one of the renewable energy sources, it is being tested in order to be applied for wider use. Rasa has written her doctorate dissertation on hydrogen, while Paulius is actively interested in related innovations and the European green deal — a great match that can potentially create wonderful results in form of the invention.

Their collaboration shall embark on its own individual journey very soon — the duo agreed to talk as soon as the emotions after the ChangeMakersON event settles down, Paulius himself says.

We’re anticipating to hear what will be the result of this acquaintanceship! As well as super happy to witness mentors and participants possibly collaborating in exciting potential projects that shall bring impact to the community.

6. Elevated mentorship format — based on true value and honesty. Paulius Grigaliūnas revealed why he enjoys and values mentoring at ChangeMakersON:

“I personally really value the meeting of mentor community itself. We go really in-depth about the ideas, from very different angles,” says Paulius. “In this dynamic time, I personally find a lot of inspiration for new projects and ideas, nonetheless, useful network contacts of other professionals. I for sure know that when I need a partner or a talent for my personal project, I can and will find it in the ecosystem of ChangeMakersON.”

Paulius pointed out that the format of the event is brilliant due to their differing nature — in conferences, the companies tend to exaggerate their accomplishments and only present the finest side of their project. Here, when the focus is helping the others, the experts tend to be much more honest and true to themselves — revealing them in a much different light.

“Last but not the least — the commotion of all these people together, the results that are born project-wise, as well as the happy faces of the people, are bringing me the truest, deepest joy!”




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#SOCIAL INNOVATION #BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT #globalIMPACT #biz4good changemakerson.eu www.facebook.com/ChangeMakersON/

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