5 TIPS: What can I do as a social business to appeal to investors?

  • The metrics panel. Dedicate a digital place for your numbers — and update them regularly. Include concentrated information about your impact, convert the data points into a simple numerical format, and keep it on display for the investors.
  • A storyline. Create a value-based storyline for your innovation — present the advantages in the full picture.
  • Stand out. What is the unique selling point of your solution? Do in-depth research of your industry, competitors, and the market; figure out why and how you stand out.
  • Transparency. Commit to a zero-tolerance policy for shadow deals and be transparent about your company’s activities and processes.
  • Create opportunities for small victories. Even if small in scale, every win matters — create opportunities for them and showcase your victories. Success attracts more success!





#SOCIAL INNOVATION #BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT #globalIMPACT #biz4good changemakerson.eu www.facebook.com/ChangeMakersON/

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#SOCIAL INNOVATION #BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT #globalIMPACT #biz4good changemakerson.eu www.facebook.com/ChangeMakersON/

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